Club Recognition Award

Club Recognition Award #

  • The Club may recognise any rider, administrator or organisation who, in the opinion of a majority of the Club Committee, has demonstrated exemplary performance on or off the track, or who has contributed exceptionally to the development or running of the Club or the sport of BMX in general.
  • The Award shall take the form of a certificate signed by the Club Chairman, and/or a small trophy, if the latter is within the financial means of the Club at the time of the award.
  • Any Club member, or parent, may make a nomination for the award, which must be accompanied by a written citation explaining the reason behind the nomination.
  • In the case of a rider, the following criteria will apply:
  • Must have been a paid up member of the Club for a period of not less that 3 years
  • Must have participated in a minimum of 75% of Club competitions over the previous 3 years. Exceptions will be made in the case of illness, injury or other events outside the rider’s control.
  • Has demonstrated an above average level of commitment to the sport, taking age into account.
  • Has demonstrated an exemplary degree of sportsmanship.
  • Where age appropriate, has shown interest in and supported the development of other riders/Club members.
  • Where such a rider meets the additional criteria for National Awards, as per the NBMXA Constitution, the rider’s name shall be forwarded to the National Association for consideration for said award.
  • In the case of a non-rider or organisation, each case shall be considered, ad hominen, by the Club Committee.