Membership T’s & C’s


I, being the parent/legal guardian of the above mentioned rider, do hereby agree that I will not hold the Harare BMX Club / SAHWIRA DEVELOPMENT TRUST or the NATIONAL BMX ASSOCIATION OF ZIMBABWE (for this purpose collectively or individually they shall be known as the organisation) responsible and/or liable for any damage and/or injury to the member or any other person or persons or property while participating or spectating at any event or whilst using the facilities for training practicing or any other purpose with or without the consent of the owners or committee as elected from time to time by THE HARARE BMX CLUB. Furthermore, the owners (Sahwira Development Trust) and or committee or any person responsible for organisation shall not be responsible for any loss of / or damage to property and/or injury, which may occur while the member retains membership to the organisation.


  1. Acknowledge that I have familiarised myself with the nature and extent of the Sport and the risks and dangers to which they may be exposed to as a result of their participation in the Sport;
  2. I acknowledge that membership fees are due on the 1st of every month.
  3. I acknowledge that 1 month written notice must be given in order to cancel my Membership.