April 12, 20190

As the property began it’s new development, our BMX track needed to move to it’s new location. Whilst we were extremely sad to say our final goodbye to the old track, it’s given us an opportunity to start fresh.  We initially set ourselves a target to demolish the old track and build the new one in just 8 weeks.  With a couple of set backs, we managed to get it back up in just 12 weeks!  A truly amazing accomplishment.  With such generous donations by the public at large and from the BMX family, this would not have been possible.  For all those involved, we are forever grateful.

September 4, 2015

The Harare BMX Club was founded in 1985 by Ron Van Rooyen.  Since it’s inception, it was been modified many times.  The state of the art track ground were sold in 2016 and as such, the track had to move.  Everyone was very sad to say goodbye to the old track and felt very uncertain of what lay ahead for the sports.

We’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many generous companies who also believed in what we were trying to achieve and they donated equipment, soil, tyres, fuel etc so we could complete the project.  We are so grateful to them all.