Rider and Parents Code of Conduct

Riders Code of Conduct #

Be a Good Sport

We believe BMX is a great sport that teaches individuals the importance of hard work, commitment, and dedication through the practice of skills and the application of these skills in a competitive environment.

  • Don’t use drugs or other controlled substances.
  • Do not bet on the races.
  • Respect everyone’s property.  That includes the track.
  • Race in the proper class.
  • Show respect to racers, officials, parents – everyone.
  • Don’t ride recklessly or dangerously.  The only wins that matter are the fair ones.
  • Don’t cut the track.  If you leave it, you must re-enter where you left.
  • Lay off the smack talk.  It doesn’t create friends, plus it shows everyone how insecure you are.
  • Help everyone who needs help.  That means lending a hand, a tool, a spare tube or some advice.
  • Lose with grace.  Do not throw a fit.  Do not place blame.  Take responsibility for your own race.  Celebrate what you did well, and work on what you can do better.
  • Win with grace.  Be satisfied, but don’t be a jerk.  Focus on the next race – now you’re the person to beat.
  • Have fun.  No matter what happens.  It’s contagious.
  • If you’re going to say anything, say something positive.  If you only have negative things to say, keep them to yourself.  Better: Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Applaud good riding, no matter who does it.  Tell your competitors what they did well.  Depending on your age group, shake hands, high-five or bump fists at the finish.  There’s no better way to make people feel good, and to make friends.
  • Focus on how you felt, not just how you placed.  What can you be stoked about?
Basically, treat everyone – especially yourself – the way you want to be treated.  BMX is a great sport, and good sports make it even greater.

Parents Code of Conduct #

BMX at the Harare BMX Club is a volunteer run organization that is dedicated to promoting the sport of BMX racing. Please read through this and acknowledge. Many thanks.

Being a BMX parent is a juggling act.  You are the bus driver, mechanic, coach, cheerleader, nurse, and (oh yeah) the parent.  How you act has a huge affect on your kid’s experience.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship. You are the role model, and your kid is always watching.  Always be a good sport.  Always.
  • Know why you are racing. Be honest with yourself about why you support your kid’s racing.  Do you want him to learn?  Do you want him to have fun?  Great.  Do you want him to excel where you’ve failed?  Do you want him to win and get sponsors so you can feel good about yourself?  Not great.
  • Are you the coach or the parent?  Coaches yell direction.  Parents yell encouragement.  This roll might change throughout the race day, but make sure you’re giving your kid what he needs, when he needs it.
  • Don’t push. Let your kid enjoy the sport and improve at his own pace.  If it’s the kids passion, sometimes it better to back off.  This will keep your future superstar from getting burnt out and switching from racing BMX to playing BMX video games.
  • Take and interest in them and the Club. Races invovle a lot of work so do your bit and volunteer to help make races even greater.
  • Follow the rules.  Encourage your kid to abide by the rules as you do.  Offer praise for competing fairly and hard.
  • Lay off the profanities.  Abusive language or threatening behaviour towards any rider, parent, or track official is not the behaviour wanted at the Club.