National BMX Championships

  1. Novice and Expert classes will be combined for racing at this event.
  2. The event will consist of (1) one leg with (5) five motos, the necessary qualifiers and (1) one main final.
  3. Points scored in the main final are doubled.
  4. The best of (4) four scores in the moto combined with the final race will determine the winner.
  5. (4) Four riders make a category. Should there not be enough riders to make a category, the riders will be moved up until a category is formed.
  6. Should there be categories that do not have qualifying motos, the rider with the lowest points (last place after motos), will be dropped and does not qualify for the final (main) in that specific category.
  7. A Novice Rider that earns a Zim Number will automatically become and Expert for the following race season and will not be permitted to revert back to Novice status.

RACE DAY AWARDS: A cup and/or a medal will be awarded to the first (3) three places. Place ribbons / certificates will be awarded to the remainder of the riders.