Combination Race Rule


  1. Classes may vary in make up as dictated by the composition of age groups and number of riders within the club. The committee will have the right to amalgamate ages as best it sees fit.
  2. Three riders shall constitute a category.
  3. If less than 3 riders register for a category, they will be combined with the next older age category. However, cruiser categories with a maximum age of more than 34 shall be combined with the next younger category.
  4. In the case that any under-subscribed category cannot be combined according to these rules, this category shall not be run. (In the case of Harare BMX racing the rider/s will continue to be amalgamated up until there is a category of 3 riders HOWEVER each rider will be scored according to his appropriate age group and awarded prizes for his actual age).
  5. If 3 or more riders register for a category and are present on race day, the category will not be combined in those cases where injury or illness prevents the requisite number from actually engaging in competition.
  6. No competing category at Expert level can be combined with a competing category at Novice level and vice versa.
  7. Except as provided by the combination rules, no rider is permitted to compete outside of his age or gender group. (In the case of females, they may race an age down if they so choose)
  8. All categories will eventually transfer to a final which shall determine the final result.